Don't be evil. Be ethical with AI

It’s that time of the year!
(when we say Merry Something - this time hugs are not included)

Another episode and we can call it a year.

I believe it’s time for us to become more serious about ethics in AI and Machine Learning. Many times scientists and practitioners have been ignoring the ethical principles that should be observed even more so now that AI is becoming so pervasive and will be more and more part of our daily decisions.

Enjoy this episode with Denny Wong, a very good friend of mine and co-founder of several startups, who has thought me a lot about ethics, good practices and well behaviour (not only in machine learning and artificial intelligence).
Thanks Denny for the amazing friendship that kept us close for so many years!

Please find Denny on Twitter

If you really want to go the full way on ethical principles in AI, he’s the organizer of the data ethics awareness workshop for AI practitioners.

One more episode, folks!

But if we don’t see this year, enjoy your time and see you in 2021

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