Welcome to the new year!

Hello folks!

How is 2021 behaving so far? Too early to say?
Not really!

We are kicking off and planning some amazing podcast episodes for January and beyond. We are super excited to talk about ethics, regulations, new findings in AI and algorithms, new programming languages, and much much more…

Don’t forget to listen to the last episode of 2020 about Scaling machine learning with clusters and GPUs

That’s all!



Just kidding 🤥 😂 🤣

I have also started a project for data monitoring and collaboration on confidential data (without the hassles of federated learning setups). I have planned to make it available to the most curious folks who want to try it out and give some feedback, completely free of charge.
The project is called ncode and it has an official website ncode.ai
Feel free to fill in the form and get the early access.

Our Discord Channel

Come chat with us on the official Discord channel

That’s all for real now!

See you soon.